Rip It Philosophy

Mike Spidale and Eric Valent have created an exciting hitting plan and Fightins Pitching coach Steve Schrenk is on board to run our pitching lessons.

We plan to focus on ALL kids – not just the best of the best.  While certainly we will be able to provide top-level instruction and opportunities to the very best baseball players in the area, our focus is also largely aimed at HAVING FUN, and helping all kids work to get better at baseball.

We feel strongly that sometimes, kids at a very young age can get labeled as “in-house kids”, when in reality no one knows what 10 year old could still develop into a very good baseball player.  Further – who cares if they never get good enough to be an elite baseball player!  All kids should have the opportunity to put in the silent work to get better at baseball – and HAVE FUN DOING IT!  Maybe they can develop into a good player for their middle school or high school team.  Maybe they just get better and have more fun in Little League!  Kids will be able to participate in camps at the facility, hit in groups with their friends or teammates, or take private lessons.

PLUS – whatever happened to having fun going to the batting cages!  Rip It believes that a family, a group of friends, a child, and adult, anyone – can have a heck of a good time dropping a coin in an automated machine and taking some hacks!  It’s the way we all had fun as kids, and it’s the way we all learned to hit.  The Rip It automated machines are for EVERYONE!  A family, a baseball player, everyone.

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1037 MacArthur Road                      

Reading, PA 19605                            

Tel: 610-743-4727                                            

Monday - Friday 4:00-9:00pm

Saturday - 12:00pm-6:00pm

Sunday - 12:00pm-6pm

After hour lessons and Birthday Parties available upon request

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